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Swaziland’s premier health and wellness consultancy offering effective and proven techniques to the quality of life of individuals and organizations. Logotheraphy has impacted the lives of both individuals and organizations in more ways than one, in the area of health and wellness. Our entire reason for existence is nothing but to usher a new breed of sound individuals and organizations so as to ensure their entirety and immeasurable success.

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Health and Wellness Programs

Our wellness programs are well designed to transform every individual and organizational teams collectively.

We Will Help You

Our service offering is designed to make your life better, healthier, more successful and sure awesome.


We have approachable and flexible psychology practitioners who are by all means professional which ensures guaranteed confidentiality and assistance in the counseling room.

Training & Capacity Building

Our trainings are designed by our highly experienced team, enabling us to incorporate useful and practical case studies and a variety of teaching techniques to facilitate and enhance learning in an indoor experience.

Team Building

Outdoor experience designed for employees to explore the dynamics of team work while yet facilitating skills in teams such as resolving personal issues and building team cohesion in the workplace.

Employee Assistance Program

Our programs are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health and wellness. Debriefings are customized to facilitate corporate cooperation between employees and supervisors.

An Awesome Team of Psychology and Human Resource Practitioners

One of the ways in which we have positioned ourselves to be the best is by having a team of experienced, passionate and well trained health professionals in multi-disciplines.

Team Building

To be at the top of your game, every business needs employees who are functioning at their optimum level on a daily basis, whether leaders in the boardroom or workers on the floor.
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